Industrial Insulation Distributor

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4 State Supply offers a wide variety of insulation and jacketing materials used in industrial facilities including: coal fired power plants, agriculture processing, refinement plants, food production and cold storage.

Insulating products include:

  • Fiberglass 1,000°F (pipe cover, board, blanket)
  • Mineral Wool 1200°F (pipe cover, board, wrap)
  • Calcium Silicate 1200°F (pipe cover, block, v-groove)
  • Ceramic Blanket 1900°F
  • Foamglass (pipe cover, block)
  • PolyISOcyanurate -297°F - +300°F
  • High Temp PolyISOcyanurate -400°F - +300°F
  • Styrofoam (pipe cover, board)
  • Green Stuff®

Industrial blanket / Removable pads / Irregular shape:

  • Siliconized cloth, teflon cloth, re-wetable cloth and fab glass
  • SS mesh, SS hog rings and lacing anchors
  • E-glass

Application products include:

  • Jacketing (aluminum and stainless steel)
  • Sheeting (aluminum, stainless steel and corrugated)
  • Fittings (90°, 45° and T's)
  • Aluminum and stainless steel
  • Banding (stainless and aluminum)
  • Hat bar, H-bar and other sub-girt materials
  • Assorted screws, pins, washers and wing seals
  • Mastics, caulks, adhesives and coatings


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