Industrial Insulation Distributor

From Ethanol Plants to Federal Prisons, 4-State has played a key role in supplying major building, plumbing, and HVAC contractors with their industrial, mechanical, architectural insulation applications and fire-stop systems. 4-State is a trusted supply partner on small and large scale industrial insulation projects so whether it’s a 1000 linear feet of 1000º pipe insulation or 200,000 square feet of insulation board, 4-State has the proven experience to partner with product manufacturers and contractors to deliver industrial insulation projects successfully.

4-State industrial product offerings include ceramic insulation products, refractory insulation products, removable or reusable insulation covers, noise control insulation products, pipe and tank insulation, insulating cements and aluminum and stainless steel fittings, jacketing, ties, banding and springs, and much more.

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