Commercial Distributor

4-State Supply is one of the leading commercial and industrial insulation distributors in the Midwest.


4 State Supply offers everything needed to insulate plumbing and HVAC systems including: domestic water, roof drains, water heating, chilled water, steam lines, refrigerant piping, associated equipment, generator exhaust, HVAC ductwork and grease ducts.

Products include:

  • Fiberglass 1000°F (pipe cover, board, duct wrap)
  • EPDM elastomeric rubber 300°F (pipe cover, sheet, roll)
  • Joint elbows (aluminum, PVC)
  • Hanger inserts
  • Aluminum jacketing cut and rolled to size
  • Mastics, caulks, adhesives and coatings
  • Firewrap, plenum wrap and alumaguard
  • Pins, washers, screws, banding, wing seals
  • Hand tools, knives and measuring devices


4 State Supply Vendors